Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi Friends & Family,

I AM BACK! As I sit here studying for my finals, I realize that I have not updated my blog this quarter. A quick recap of this quarter…we went to a new hospital (loved it), able to give medications (loved it), and now the quarter is coming to an end and it’s time for finals. This quarter was a little crazy because not only did I have nursing classes, I also took an upper division writing course which was a ton of work. Now in finals week, I got the worst toothache, went to the dentist and was told I needed a root canal. SO today, I had my first root canal. I have to say, dentistry is pretty interesting. And for anyone in the desert if you ever need a root canal David Li in Palm Desert was AMAZING! I didn’t feel a thing.

Here is a picture of us all squished in the elevator at the hospital.

This quarter I got observe different parts of the hospital. First stop was the GI lab (Gastrointestinal Laboratory) which doesn’t sound fun at all. I have no desire to look up anyone’s butt and into their colon. I was surprisingly shocked, I loved it there but I did not have to see the insides from the bottom up. I got to see the inside of someone’s lungs, the inside of the throat down to the stomach and also a bone biopsy. I went to the “cath lab” where I got to observe an angiogram (looking at someone’s heart vessels) and see a stint put in place. I went to the OR and got to see a feeding tube placed. I also got to go to wound care and learn about hyperbaric chambers and how they are using them to help heal wounds.
As I explore the hospital setting more, I’ve come to realize that I love procedures. Even though everyone is convinced I’m going to be an ER nurse, I think I like the OR. I still can’t figure out if being told I’m going to be an ER nurse is a good or bad thing but my instructor is an ER nurse so it has to be a good thing. I like to stay busy, I hate to be standing around, so wherever that takes me. We shall see.

Here's a photo of us at post conference discussing the experiences of the day & on the patio of the hospital.

I really enjoyed this quarter at the hospital, I should have written weekly so I could really express how much I enjoyed everything I’ve done. Next quarter I promise to be better at it. I feel like things are finally making sense or more sense anyway. OK back to studying, have to pass these finals Friday.

Here's a little funny to make you smile!

Hope all is well, until next time…S