Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love Rev Run's tweets

Thought this was a great quote from Rev Run tonight & wanted to share!

"Mediocrity never congratulates excellence.. #bedope!" -Rev Run

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Friends....

Hi Friends,

I'm back, updating my blog at midnight! FUN! My mom told me this week "I have to read your blog to see what you are up to!" Good thing for this blog. It was a great idea and I will continue it through the rest of my schooling.

Happy EARLY Thanksgiving!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Today, myself and a few other nursing students, went and purchased 10 turkeys and delivered to one of the food banks here in the desert. They feed something like 300 families on Thanksgiving and are short turkeys, so we helped out. Thanks to my Uncle & Auntie we were able to purchase the turkeys. Here's a picture of all the turkeys in my trunk. Why are frozen turkeys so heavy compared to none frozen turkeys? I'm sure there is some great chemistry explanation but honestly, I hated chemistry.

OK, so this weeks topic. Is nursing a career or a profession???

A great nurse is a multi-tasker, critical thinker, good on their toes, educator, advocate…and on and on and on. Although, those are all important traits of a nurse, they do not distinguish nursing as a profession over a career. To me, nursing is a profession. I believe this because a nurse has to be formally trained by an accredited institution, meet educational and clinical requirements as well as take and pass a state board exam. This is the difference between a profession and a career. A career is a job such as a waitress, nothing is wrong with being a waitress it’s just an example. In California, to be a waitress, you don’t need be licensed or formally trained. You may be an amazing waitress and be considered a “professional” by trade but there is no qualifying merit that distinguishes you from someone else doing the same position. You get trained and do the job. I asked a few friends on facebook what they thought, here are a few comments I enjoyed or supported my claim.

Question for my friends, except if you are a Nurse or nursing student...Do you consider nursing a CAREER or a PROFESSION??? Please give your reasoning to why. Just curious what you all think. Thanks!

“It's a profession because you’re receiving specialized training.” ~Rosa Vega

“A 'career' is a job/occupation. A 'profession' requires extensive or specialized education. I believe you fall into the latter.” ~Ahi Ting

Once again, I believe nursing is a profession and not a career. I'd love to hear any comments if anyone has any.

I am thankful for all my family and friends that have been so supportive since I've went back to school. :) Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!!!

Until next time...xoxo~S

Monday, November 14, 2011

Only a few more weeks left....

Hi Friends,

We only have a few more weeks left then it's finals and we are DONE!!! YAY! Plus next week is Thanksgiving, so exciting! Stress level is at a 1, have a few things due but feeling pretty good right about now. I took this last weekend off, flew home to SF to work Friday. Felt really guilty but it was needed but I definitely used my new knowledge when seeing patients and assessing our new lil guy. They say you can't get a carotid pulse in an infant, see me trying below to assess a 1 month old. (No babies were hurt while taking this pic!) They were right, couldn't feel a carotid pulse, did however find his brachial pulse, so it was pretty cool to test out some new skills.

While in SF I also went to a boot camp class and did this cool machine called a jacobsladder. I put on a 20 lbs weighted vest and did the machine, it was pretty intense. Maybe that's why my stress level is so low.

Goal for this week, to continue to keep my stress down by handling future assignments now instead of waiting til last minute and getting in some gym time. Oh, Bridget and I signed up to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning to represent Coyote Nurses! I'm excited except not sure I can run 3.1 miles but I'm going to jog and give it my best shot.

Below is a few pictures of my clinical group after clinicals last Thursday morning. See my "boy" scrubs, I swear I look like a boy in them. I don't know why but our outfits aren't very flattering scrubs. Oh well, I'm getting used to them.

My flight home last night was oversold so I volunteered to take a later flight. I got to have dinner with my Grandma and got a $400 credit voucher to another flight on United. I think I'm going to use that credit to take a trip over winter break. :)

OK, until next time... 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Hi Friends,

The last week has been good! Got 86% on my last midterm and although that's still below a lot of the class, I'm happy. Wish it was a 90% but that's ok. Have a project due this afternoon, plus I get to register for next quarter around lunch time and have a care plan due tomorrow am. You will hear me mention care plans over the next 3 years. A care plan is a nursing plan of care for one of your patients. Sounds easy but it's a lot of work. OK enough of that let's get to the good stuff! Last Saturday I invited my class over, 21 of us, for a potluck. I made spaghetti and everyone brought something. It was a good time. It was nice to spend time with the people I see everyday outside of the school setting. It was also good to meet some spouses, put a face to the names and also little ones. David, one of 2 males in our group (poor guys), brought his 3 year old daughter. She was adorable and very well behaved, not used to being around behaved children! ;) Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics and all came out a little weird but here's a few.

My stress levels have been great. There's a lot things to do and remember but I'm doing ok. I think I make things harder than they need to be by overthinking everything. Being flexible really has helped. I only went to the gym 3 days last week so I'm not too happy about that but I guess that's how some weeks will be. This week will be a 3 day gym week too. We have Friday off for Veteran's Day so I'm flying home Thursday afternoon to work on Friday, I'll be seeing patients. Yes, I get a day off school and what do I do, fill it will work! I'm just crazy sometimes. I'm excited to go back home and see my friends and some family. It will be a nice little break from school. Although, there's never really a break. I'm trying to figure out what books I absolutely need to bring.

OK, well I have about 100 things to do so I have to run. Oh here's another pic. There's a sports stadium in palm springs and they put flags all along the lawn for Veteran's Day. The site is overwhelming and made me miss my friend Rossi who is overseas. I tried to get a photo as I drove by (yes I was taking pictures and driving through a busy intersection) but the picture just doesn't do the site justice. If you live in town, you have to go see it. It's off of Diana Shore behind Cat City HS, sorry I'm not sure of the cross street.

Hope all is well. Til next time....S

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midterms are done!!!

Hi Friends,

Well our midterms are over along with our 1st week at the hospital and we all survived. I got an 80% on one of the exams, not sure about the other one yet but I think I did ok. In our class though it almost seems the 80% is failing because everyone does so well. :( I definitely need to get a test taking book because nursing exams seem to be very different than what I'm used to.

The hospital is an interesting place. Definitely different than Dermatology, way more dynamics than a private practice. I ended up working with an "older" nurse who said she "didn't like to teach students" but agreed to take me on. I call her an "older" nurse because that's how she referred to herself. Instead of helping just one patient, who didn't want to be bothered, I followed the nurse and helped her in anyway I could with all 5 of her patients. Although this nurse said she didn't like teaching, she was a great instructor. She literally told me step by step everything she was doing and why. I even surprised myself at how much I understood what she was saying. My patient who didn't want me to do anything for her later apologized and told me "you are going to be a great nurse, you are good with people because you handled me great this morning when I was being a bitch." Even though I know I didn't help her in anyway, still felt good. The "older" nurse told me to ask for her next Friday because she "feels comfortable" working with me.

I'm exhausted, totally not used to this quarter system yet, an intense 10 weeks. So different than a 16 week semester. This week has been an emotional one. A nursing student at the main campus passed away this week, even though I didn't know her, it put a sadness in the air. It's interesting how there's an instant connection to the nursing community once I started school, it's almost like a secret society. Especially with my fellow classmates, I feel like I now have 20 extra family members I can count on if I needed help or support. On that note, I'm hosting a potluck this Saturday at my house for our class. I think sharing a meal is such an important part of bonding. When I have my own family I always said I wanted to make a tradition of Sunday family dinner. Since I don't have a family yet, I'll host Saturday family dinner with my classmates. Should be a good time!!! I will take lots of pictures to share.

Speaking of eating ;) I dropped that extra weight! YAY! So excited. Not sure why the picture is sideways but there it is!

Goals for this week. Keep being flexible, it seems to be working. My stress is still down even though I have a paper due this afternoon and procrasting on it.

Talk to you later.......

Ten ways to love

I saw this and thought it was a nice reminder on how to love and treat one another.