Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Friends....

Hi Friends,

I'm back, updating my blog at midnight! FUN! My mom told me this week "I have to read your blog to see what you are up to!" Good thing for this blog. It was a great idea and I will continue it through the rest of my schooling.

Happy EARLY Thanksgiving!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Today, myself and a few other nursing students, went and purchased 10 turkeys and delivered to one of the food banks here in the desert. They feed something like 300 families on Thanksgiving and are short turkeys, so we helped out. Thanks to my Uncle & Auntie we were able to purchase the turkeys. Here's a picture of all the turkeys in my trunk. Why are frozen turkeys so heavy compared to none frozen turkeys? I'm sure there is some great chemistry explanation but honestly, I hated chemistry.

OK, so this weeks topic. Is nursing a career or a profession???

A great nurse is a multi-tasker, critical thinker, good on their toes, educator, advocate…and on and on and on. Although, those are all important traits of a nurse, they do not distinguish nursing as a profession over a career. To me, nursing is a profession. I believe this because a nurse has to be formally trained by an accredited institution, meet educational and clinical requirements as well as take and pass a state board exam. This is the difference between a profession and a career. A career is a job such as a waitress, nothing is wrong with being a waitress it’s just an example. In California, to be a waitress, you don’t need be licensed or formally trained. You may be an amazing waitress and be considered a “professional” by trade but there is no qualifying merit that distinguishes you from someone else doing the same position. You get trained and do the job. I asked a few friends on facebook what they thought, here are a few comments I enjoyed or supported my claim.

Question for my friends, except if you are a Nurse or nursing student...Do you consider nursing a CAREER or a PROFESSION??? Please give your reasoning to why. Just curious what you all think. Thanks!

“It's a profession because you’re receiving specialized training.” ~Rosa Vega

“A 'career' is a job/occupation. A 'profession' requires extensive or specialized education. I believe you fall into the latter.” ~Ahi Ting

Once again, I believe nursing is a profession and not a career. I'd love to hear any comments if anyone has any.

I am thankful for all my family and friends that have been so supportive since I've went back to school. :) Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!!!

Until next time...xoxo~S

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  1. What an inventive way of getting information from the masses. Good job.