Monday, November 14, 2011

Only a few more weeks left....

Hi Friends,

We only have a few more weeks left then it's finals and we are DONE!!! YAY! Plus next week is Thanksgiving, so exciting! Stress level is at a 1, have a few things due but feeling pretty good right about now. I took this last weekend off, flew home to SF to work Friday. Felt really guilty but it was needed but I definitely used my new knowledge when seeing patients and assessing our new lil guy. They say you can't get a carotid pulse in an infant, see me trying below to assess a 1 month old. (No babies were hurt while taking this pic!) They were right, couldn't feel a carotid pulse, did however find his brachial pulse, so it was pretty cool to test out some new skills.

While in SF I also went to a boot camp class and did this cool machine called a jacobsladder. I put on a 20 lbs weighted vest and did the machine, it was pretty intense. Maybe that's why my stress level is so low.

Goal for this week, to continue to keep my stress down by handling future assignments now instead of waiting til last minute and getting in some gym time. Oh, Bridget and I signed up to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning to represent Coyote Nurses! I'm excited except not sure I can run 3.1 miles but I'm going to jog and give it my best shot.

Below is a few pictures of my clinical group after clinicals last Thursday morning. See my "boy" scrubs, I swear I look like a boy in them. I don't know why but our outfits aren't very flattering scrubs. Oh well, I'm getting used to them.

My flight home last night was oversold so I volunteered to take a later flight. I got to have dinner with my Grandma and got a $400 credit voucher to another flight on United. I think I'm going to use that credit to take a trip over winter break. :)

OK, until next time... 

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