Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Hi Friends,

The last week has been good! Got 86% on my last midterm and although that's still below a lot of the class, I'm happy. Wish it was a 90% but that's ok. Have a project due this afternoon, plus I get to register for next quarter around lunch time and have a care plan due tomorrow am. You will hear me mention care plans over the next 3 years. A care plan is a nursing plan of care for one of your patients. Sounds easy but it's a lot of work. OK enough of that let's get to the good stuff! Last Saturday I invited my class over, 21 of us, for a potluck. I made spaghetti and everyone brought something. It was a good time. It was nice to spend time with the people I see everyday outside of the school setting. It was also good to meet some spouses, put a face to the names and also little ones. David, one of 2 males in our group (poor guys), brought his 3 year old daughter. She was adorable and very well behaved, not used to being around behaved children! ;) Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics and all came out a little weird but here's a few.

My stress levels have been great. There's a lot things to do and remember but I'm doing ok. I think I make things harder than they need to be by overthinking everything. Being flexible really has helped. I only went to the gym 3 days last week so I'm not too happy about that but I guess that's how some weeks will be. This week will be a 3 day gym week too. We have Friday off for Veteran's Day so I'm flying home Thursday afternoon to work on Friday, I'll be seeing patients. Yes, I get a day off school and what do I do, fill it will work! I'm just crazy sometimes. I'm excited to go back home and see my friends and some family. It will be a nice little break from school. Although, there's never really a break. I'm trying to figure out what books I absolutely need to bring.

OK, well I have about 100 things to do so I have to run. Oh here's another pic. There's a sports stadium in palm springs and they put flags all along the lawn for Veteran's Day. The site is overwhelming and made me miss my friend Rossi who is overseas. I tried to get a photo as I drove by (yes I was taking pictures and driving through a busy intersection) but the picture just doesn't do the site justice. If you live in town, you have to go see it. It's off of Diana Shore behind Cat City HS, sorry I'm not sure of the cross street.

Hope all is well. Til next time....S

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