Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Year...A Continued Adventure

Hi Friends & Family,

Sorry for not keeping my blog updated. I was reminded this summer by Dr. Avakoff that I hadn’t updated my blog in some time. It’s been a busy & exciting summer to say the least. Most of you know all the updates so I’ll keep it quick. I’ve been blessed with meeting my love Anthony, very happy & everyone else seems to be just as happy as well. =) I spent most of my summer with Anthony, his son & family in the Bay Area. Took a trip up to my Dad’s house in Lucerne and also see my Mom & Step-Dad a few times this summer. As well as, working in Bay Area & taking a summer course at main campus in San Bernardino, so lots of flying involved. I also moved to Rancho Mirage with a fellow student Johanna, who was nice enough to take me in after some family drama. That pretty much raps up summer & so another school year begins.

I have now begun my 2nd year of nursing school. The 1st year flew by, can’t believe we are starting our 2nd year. June 2014 will be here before we know it. I’m taking 15 credits/units this quarter so I’m going to be a busy girl. We are doing maternity for nursing & will be getting to work with brand new babies! I can’t wait, so exciting although I’ve very afraid as well! I’m also taking a Spanish literature course & a Latino culture course to fulfill other requirements to graduate.

This next quarter will be tough, adjusting to new instructors, taking a larger load of courses & also having a boyfriend who lives up North. I’m confident I can make this all work! Wish me luck. I will try my best to update my blog as much as possible.

Hope everyone is happy & healthy!



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So horrible about updating!!!

Hi Friends,

Sorry!!! I'm so bad at updating my blog. These days it seems like there's never enough time in the days nor am I doing much besides studying, studying, studying, class & the gym. I'm exhausted! I've run out of silverware again this week, I hate to wash silverware by hand & my dishwasher broke last quarter. I know it's bad for the environment but I think I'm asking for paper plates and plastic silverware for xmas! haha

We are at a new hospital this quarter and I got to see 3 babies come into the world last week...was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Even though I didn't know the patients, it was still a special event to witness. I've seen both of my younger brothers be born and til this day, thinking about the day each of them were born brings happy tears to my eyes. I love being in an environment that has different forms of nursing all in the same day. I think the OR might be a place for me. Diverse in duties and experiences.

Last week I took the day off from school stuff and knocked something off my bucket list, I shot a gun for the 1st time. I shot several guns actually, loved it. Great adrenaline rush.

I was thinking that school has been holding me back from a lot of life experiences I could be having, like knocking more things off my bucket list until I realized, the biggest thing on my bucket list was to be a nurse. So, although I may be missing on on minor bucket list checks, I'm on my way to fulfilling one of my life dreams.

Until next well friends!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi Friends

Saw this quote & I loved it! Had to share!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~Winston S. Churchill

Hope all is well, S

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi Friends & Family,

I AM BACK! As I sit here studying for my finals, I realize that I have not updated my blog this quarter. A quick recap of this quarter…we went to a new hospital (loved it), able to give medications (loved it), and now the quarter is coming to an end and it’s time for finals. This quarter was a little crazy because not only did I have nursing classes, I also took an upper division writing course which was a ton of work. Now in finals week, I got the worst toothache, went to the dentist and was told I needed a root canal. SO today, I had my first root canal. I have to say, dentistry is pretty interesting. And for anyone in the desert if you ever need a root canal David Li in Palm Desert was AMAZING! I didn’t feel a thing.

Here is a picture of us all squished in the elevator at the hospital.

This quarter I got observe different parts of the hospital. First stop was the GI lab (Gastrointestinal Laboratory) which doesn’t sound fun at all. I have no desire to look up anyone’s butt and into their colon. I was surprisingly shocked, I loved it there but I did not have to see the insides from the bottom up. I got to see the inside of someone’s lungs, the inside of the throat down to the stomach and also a bone biopsy. I went to the “cath lab” where I got to observe an angiogram (looking at someone’s heart vessels) and see a stint put in place. I went to the OR and got to see a feeding tube placed. I also got to go to wound care and learn about hyperbaric chambers and how they are using them to help heal wounds.
As I explore the hospital setting more, I’ve come to realize that I love procedures. Even though everyone is convinced I’m going to be an ER nurse, I think I like the OR. I still can’t figure out if being told I’m going to be an ER nurse is a good or bad thing but my instructor is an ER nurse so it has to be a good thing. I like to stay busy, I hate to be standing around, so wherever that takes me. We shall see.

Here's a photo of us at post conference discussing the experiences of the day & on the patio of the hospital.

I really enjoyed this quarter at the hospital, I should have written weekly so I could really express how much I enjoyed everything I’ve done. Next quarter I promise to be better at it. I feel like things are finally making sense or more sense anyway. OK back to studying, have to pass these finals Friday.

Here's a little funny to make you smile!

Hope all is well, until next time…S

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Hi Friends,

Wishing everyone a blessed 2012! I'm excited to see what this year holds. 2011 was so good to me, getting into to nursing school, finishing my 1st quarter, meeting new friends and now considering them family and feeling healthy! I don't know how this new year can get any better, I can't wait to continue my journey!

OH & the best part of 2011-2012, my SF 49ers are going to the playoffs! Woooowhooooo GO NINERS

Hope all is well with everyone!

xoxo, until next time....S

Friday, December 2, 2011

Last week of school is DONE...

Hi Friends,

Sorry if the link below doesn't work. Over the break I'm going to freshen up my creative skills and hopefully start posting some cool videos. I think I need to ask for a video camera, one of those tiny ones, for xmas.

WE JUST FINISHED OUR LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Doing the happy dance!!!

Next week is finals and then we get a few weeks off! YAY, then only 8 more quarters left til we are nurses.

This last 10 days or so have been the hardest. I'm so thankful for my classmates, if it wasn't for them, I'm not sure I would have gotten through this tough time. Thank you everyone!!!! Big thanks to Ms. Fry too! Crazy how I feel so cared about by people I didn't even know a few months ago. Feels good! =)

Wishing everyone a happy weekend, go do the happy dance too but not recommended with a cocktail in hand...unless you're a professional! ;)

Until next time, S