Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So horrible about updating!!!

Hi Friends,

Sorry!!! I'm so bad at updating my blog. These days it seems like there's never enough time in the days nor am I doing much besides studying, studying, studying, class & the gym. I'm exhausted! I've run out of silverware again this week, I hate to wash silverware by hand & my dishwasher broke last quarter. I know it's bad for the environment but I think I'm asking for paper plates and plastic silverware for xmas! haha

We are at a new hospital this quarter and I got to see 3 babies come into the world last week...was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Even though I didn't know the patients, it was still a special event to witness. I've seen both of my younger brothers be born and til this day, thinking about the day each of them were born brings happy tears to my eyes. I love being in an environment that has different forms of nursing all in the same day. I think the OR might be a place for me. Diverse in duties and experiences.

Last week I took the day off from school stuff and knocked something off my bucket list, I shot a gun for the 1st time. I shot several guns actually, loved it. Great adrenaline rush.

I was thinking that school has been holding me back from a lot of life experiences I could be having, like knocking more things off my bucket list until I realized, the biggest thing on my bucket list was to be a nurse. So, although I may be missing on on minor bucket list checks, I'm on my way to fulfilling one of my life dreams.

Until next time...be well friends!


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