Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midterms are done!!!

Hi Friends,

Well our midterms are over along with our 1st week at the hospital and we all survived. I got an 80% on one of the exams, not sure about the other one yet but I think I did ok. In our class though it almost seems the 80% is failing because everyone does so well. :( I definitely need to get a test taking book because nursing exams seem to be very different than what I'm used to.

The hospital is an interesting place. Definitely different than Dermatology, way more dynamics than a private practice. I ended up working with an "older" nurse who said she "didn't like to teach students" but agreed to take me on. I call her an "older" nurse because that's how she referred to herself. Instead of helping just one patient, who didn't want to be bothered, I followed the nurse and helped her in anyway I could with all 5 of her patients. Although this nurse said she didn't like teaching, she was a great instructor. She literally told me step by step everything she was doing and why. I even surprised myself at how much I understood what she was saying. My patient who didn't want me to do anything for her later apologized and told me "you are going to be a great nurse, you are good with people because you handled me great this morning when I was being a bitch." Even though I know I didn't help her in anyway, still felt good. The "older" nurse told me to ask for her next Friday because she "feels comfortable" working with me.

I'm exhausted, totally not used to this quarter system yet, an intense 10 weeks. So different than a 16 week semester. This week has been an emotional one. A nursing student at the main campus passed away this week, even though I didn't know her, it put a sadness in the air. It's interesting how there's an instant connection to the nursing community once I started school, it's almost like a secret society. Especially with my fellow classmates, I feel like I now have 20 extra family members I can count on if I needed help or support. On that note, I'm hosting a potluck this Saturday at my house for our class. I think sharing a meal is such an important part of bonding. When I have my own family I always said I wanted to make a tradition of Sunday family dinner. Since I don't have a family yet, I'll host Saturday family dinner with my classmates. Should be a good time!!! I will take lots of pictures to share.

Speaking of eating ;) I dropped that extra weight! YAY! So excited. Not sure why the picture is sideways but there it is!

Goals for this week. Keep being flexible, it seems to be working. My stress is still down even though I have a paper due this afternoon and procrasting on it.

Talk to you later.......

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