Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekly Update

Hi Friends,

I wish I could say this last week was easy, it was not. We took our 1st quiz and I'm pretty sure I failed, took our 2nd quiz and I'm thinking I missed 1 OUT OF 5! Wow this is going to be rough!! Oh and about watching my weight, I'm watching it increase...see lovely photo.

I'm blaming a new medication I'm taking for the weight gain. Seriously, how can I gain 5 lbs without even eating anything fried or fast food in a week?????? That seems so unfair. I did have some hard candies last week but geez, I can't sit for 4 hours and not snack on something. Goal for this week, try not to eat anything I didn't prepare myself. So far, today sucked. Spent 12 hours at school so it was hard not to eat something someone else made but I still didn't cave and eat fast food. YAY! I did eat a yummy brownie that someone made for the speaker tonight though. BAD SHANA!

Today my instructor said I'd make a great ER nurse, I think it's cause I yelled at Bridget something like "no more talking" while I was trying to exam her lungs. hahaha Below is a few pics of Bridget and I doing an abdominal exam to each other. Bridget is smiling while I'm so serious and trying to hear that noise in there.

Stress level is pretty much still at a low, for some reason I'm not freaking out yet. Getting to the gym 5 days last week probably helped. If my weight continues to increase and I keep failing quizzes, you might see me start to freak. YIKES! Why does it feel that the only thing that will make me feel better is See's candy? OK enough about food. This week my goal is to step up my gym time to 6 days and continue leading a semi-stress free life. I'm also trying to fit in a bikram yoga class, Bridget and I tried a class last week since there is a studio close to campus. I'm not sure I like it but I'll continue to try anything that's supposed to keep my stress down.

I wish I had something more interesting to say but until next week kiddos....

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  1. Love the photos and Professor Wilson told me about your ER tendency! Great post and weight gain from meds is VERY plausible. You may want to discuss that with your doctor to see if there is an alternative med.